Tejas Bluebonnet Regional Convention 2021 Facilitator

  • Minimum of seven (7) years of continuous clean time, demonstrate stability in the local community and administrative skills.
  • Must have previous convention experience.
  • Willing to give time, energy and resources necessary.
  • Active participation in the Tejas Bluebonnet Region.
  • Must be willing to serve one (1) year prior and one (1) year after on the CAC
  • Prepare the agenda and send it to the recorder to be placed into the minutes.
  • To facilitate the Convention Committee Meeting. Single point of accountability to the RSC and must attend all RSC meetings. Report must include financial status.
  • Point of accountability to the hotel along with the facilitator of the CAC.
  • Votes only in the event of a tie.
  • Exercise patience, humility, tolerance, and acceptance using knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of Service and familiarity with spiritual principles.
  • Resolves personality conflicts.
  • Works with the CAC to form a budget.
  • Liaison to the CAC.
  • Notifies committee members of sudden changes in meeting places and times.
  • Co-signs on the Convention Committee bank account.
  • Keeps Convention Committee in accordance with the Tradition, the Concepts and the purpose of the convention.
  • Allowed to make non-financial decisions on matters between meetings when time is not available to call a full meeting. All decisions must be reported in writing to the committee at the next Convention Committee meeting.
  • Makes a final report to include all subcommittee reports detailing successes and challenges.
  • Required to be on-site during the convention.
  • Required to attend all CAC budget meetings.
  • The Facilitator will include in their report at each RSC where they are at in relation to the Proposed Timeline.
Postion Status: 
Open Position